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Sustain Supply Co.

Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped

Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped

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Brand: Sustain Supply Co.


  • 72-HOUR SUSTAINABILITY: This 4-person emergency go bag contains a premium Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system that allows you to take advantage of nearby water sources while avoiding contaminants. The kit also includes 4 liters water and the highest-quality food for four people. Use the included portable stove to warm up dinner. After an emergency, the most essential human needs are water & food. If tap water is unavailable, your family could be in serious danger.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY SUPPLIES - All of the items provided in your emergency go bag are premium. All items included: 1 Large premium backpack, 24 servings of food, 4 Aqua Literz waters (33. 8oz refillable cartons), 1 Sawyer Squeeze, 8 Cyalume Snap Lights, 2 LED lanterns, 2 flashlights, 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit, 4 emergency blankets, 2 bath wipes, 1 portable stove, 4 bowls and utensils, 1 MoraKniv knife, 1 Ferrocerium rod, 4 InstaFire tinder, and 4 whistles.
  • PREMIUM EMERGENCY GO BAG: This 4-person emergency go bag contains supplies for four people to survive a natural disaster. When facing a crisis, you can rely on your kit to provide first aid, basic nutrition, hygiene and more. While it’s intended for use when sheltering in place in your home, the water-resistant pack is easily transportable in the event of a sudden evacuation order. It contains several inside pockets to store additional items.
  • FIRST AID: After an emergency, health care providers may not be able to reach you for some time. It’s essential that you’re prepared to administer minor first aid to your family as needed. This premium 4-person emergency go bag contains all the basic first aid items you might need: a variety of bandages, pain relievers, ointment, gauze & tape, sanitary gloves, and a first aid guide. Keep everyone clean and comfortable with instant bath wipes in your survival kit.
  • BE COMFORTABLY PREPARED: The extreme darkness during a power outage can make even the most steadfast person nervous – and imagine how the younger members of your family will feel. Your 4-person emergency kit contains 3 light source options – a flashlight, Ferro cerium rod, Snap Lights and an LED lantern to help illuminate the night and make your emergency go bag lets you weather the storm in comfort.

Publisher: Sustain Supply Co.

Release Date: 25-04-2017

Details: When disasters happen, the first 72 hours afterward are often the most harrowing, stressful and dangerous. You could be dealing with extended power outages, washed out roads – even a lack of running water. Emergency personnel are working tirelessly to help those affected, but reaching everyone takes time. That’s why having a family disaster preparedness kit is essential to making it through the aftermath of a severe event. Sustain Supply Co. ’s Premium Family Emergency Go Bag for 4 people lets you take a set-it-and-forget-it attitude to emergency preparedness. You never need to worry if severe weather threatens because you’ve got it covered – everything your family needs for survival is tucked away all in one convenient backpack. Whether you’re in your home awaiting rescue or have to evacuate suddenly to another location, your kit will help you meet your basic needs. With this emergency survival go bag, you can rest easy knowing your family is well prepared with all the premium supplies needed for an emergency. You’ll save yourself time and money in searching for just the right high-quality items, too – instead just purchasing one ready to go emergency go bag! The emergency survival kit includes all premium supplies, including: 1 large premium backpack, 24 food servings, 4 Aqua Literz waters (33. 8oz refillable cartons), 1 Sawyer Squeeze, 8 Cyalume Snap Lights, 2 LED lanterns, 2 flashlights, 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit, 4 emergency blankets, 2 bath wipes, 1 portable stove, 4 bowls and utensils, 1 MoraKniv knife, 1 Ferrocerium rod, 4 InstaFire tinder, and 4 whistles. After the initial danger has passed, your family could be faced with long-term power outages, food and water shortages, and other challenges. With our premium emergency survival kit, you’ll be ready. In this 4-person survival kit you’ll find 135 ounces of water for drinking and cooking, as well as bath wipes, which allow you to avoid wasting drinking water for washing. A Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system lets you obtain additional water from nearby sources, such as streams or lakes, rendering it safe for consumption. The portable stove makes heating food and water possible during emergency situations. A hot meal can go a long way toward providing comfort and a sense of normalcy for your family in times of severe stress, and 24 Food Servings (enough to sustain 4 adults for 72 hours), as well as 4 bowls and utensils, are included in the family emergency survival bag for use after you’ve exhausted the existing groceries in your home. You’ll also find two options for starting fires as needed: a Ferrocerium rod that requires no fuel and 4 InstaFire tinder which can be used as tinder when no other sources are available. The emergency preparedness kit even contains 3 different types of light sources. Two LED lanterns offers ambient light for a room at night; 8 Snap Lights give you general illumination with no batteries or open flames and work especially well if you need to signal for help; and two battery-powered flashlights provide a powerful directional light source for specific night-time needs but should be used sparingly to prolong battery life. Basic first aid supplies are included in this disaster preparedness kit as well as 4 emergency blankets that keep body heat in to optimize warmth and dryness. The kit itself is contained in a premium grab-and-go backpack in case of a need for sudden evacuation. With its multiple interior pockets, you can organize the backpack in the best way for your family, and even customize it by including copies of important documents, cash, prescription medications (be sure to keep these up-to-date), batteries and even toys for your kids. Every item included in our premium emergency survival kit are superior quality. After a devastating disaster, your family is already sacrificing so much – don’t settle for subpar emergency supplies. With Sustain Supply Co. , you can be sure you’re equipped with the most durable and effective tool

Package Dimensions: 20.4 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches

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