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Ready Hour

Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel (2-gallon bucket)

Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel (2-gallon bucket)

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Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel At a Glance
  • Up to 30-year shelf life
  • Burns at 1,000 degrees
  • Stays lit in 20-30 mph winds
  • Lights wet wood
  • Used by special ops and the Boy Scouts
  • Quickly boils four cups of water
  • Gives 15 to 25 minutes fire from one cup
  • Is a non-toxic, natural and stable fuel source
  • Perfect for emergencies PLUS camping, grilling, fireplaces and more
  • 250 fires per bucket
  • 16 cents per fire

    The Easiest Fire You’ll Ever Light.

    What would you do if the power went out in the dead of winter, cutting off your heater and stove? Do you have the know-how to cook off the grid? To keep warm in freezing temperatures?

    Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel: Fool-Proof Fire for Everyday Folks

    With Ready Hour Fire Starter, you don’t need to be an outdoorsman to build a fire and keep fed and warm. It’s the natural fuel that anyone—grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads—can use to build a roaring fire in a snap. Got a spark? You’ve got fire!

    It’s so effective, it’s used by special ops military, yet so safe it’s approved by the Boy Scouts of America.


    With just one cup of Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel, you can quickly boil four cups of water.

    That makes it perfect for rehydrating emergency meals, cooking up those boxes and pouches of dry food in your pantry, and sanitizing tons of water at once.


    Ready Hour Fire Starter & Fuel is a non-toxic, stable fuel source. That means no unexpected flareups or nasty side effects.

    And it has a long burn time—up to 15 to 25 minutes of fire from one cup (with occasional stirring) to keep you cozy and toasty.


    Put some of the bulk Fire Starter into smaller containers for backpacking, hunting or 72-hour kits. Throw it in your RV, keep it handy for your fireplace, use to light up the barbeque, and more.


    Because it burns at nearly 1,000 degrees, this fuel will light (and stay lit) under harsh conditions. It sustains in winds up to 20-30 MPH once lit. It even lights wet wood.

    Rain, snow, high winds—none are a match for Ready Hour Fire Starter!


    This fire starter is an all-natural, proprietary blend containing wood pellets and perlite (a naturally occurring mineral derived from volcanic obsidian). It doesn’t include any of the harsh chemicals you’ll find in other fire starters.

    It can be stored for decades next to your emergency meals without leaching its taste into the food. In fact, it’s so ecofriendly that once you’ve used it, the leftover ash makes a great natural fertilizer.

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