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Ray-JrMALL 2020 New Version Wareable Mini Air Purifier, Portable USB Charging

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Brand: Ray-JrMALL

Color: Silver


  • Quick Response:With just a click of a button it will silently emit more than 5 million negative ions per second in a cubic meter of space to completely purify the air around you. The same type of molecules found in natural retreats such as beaches, waterfalls or mountains. Negative ions can help promote metabolism and activatecells. Make your mind clear and feeling refreshed in no time.[Order today you will get it within 20 days.]
  • Long Battery Life:USB charging,can be charged at any time.It can be used for 8-10 hours One charge can be used for8-10 hours in a radiation, safer and healthier.
  • High Protection:The negative ions produced by the product will be linked to airborne particles due to their electrostatic charge. Scientific certification to eliminate most of the smoke, dust, cooking odors and even PM2.5, improving mood and sleep. This portable ion air purifier is ideal for people who are sensitive to breathing.【Special Period,the virus impacted the efficiency of Amazon dispatch, but we create our own way to make delivery quicker.Normally,It will arrive in 20 days.】
  • Hang Neck Design:Comes with a neckblace, portable and suitable for personal use. The modern and compact design makes it blend with whatever you wear without attracting negative attention.
  • Keep Quite:The air purifier's working volume is no more than 5db, completely silent, so you can use it in the office, home or car without worrying about your rest, work and travel.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Special Period,Air Purifier will protct your safety.(Note:The virus impacted the efficiency of Amazon dispatch, but we create our own way to make delivery quicker..Normally,It will arrive in 20 days.) Specification Size: 58mm * 25mm Rated power: less than 1W Rated voltage: 5VDC Working time:8-10 hours Charging method: USB Material: ABS Color: Blue,Pink,White,Black Features 1.With three-stage filtration and negative ions release features, 2.It provides fresh air and makes your breath more peaceful, especially during springtime or allergy seasons. 3.Purify the surrounding environment that offer fresh air in the car and personal office for whenever you are driving, reading and sleeping. 4 .Easy to operate, one button for on/off.Just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air. 5 .Mini,portable necklace design, stylish and convenient to carry.