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Survivor Industries

LaunchPro Emergency Food, Water & Thermal Blanket, Good for 1 person up to 3 days

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Brand: Survivor Industries


  • US Coast Guard approved 3-day Supply of Food (5 year shelf life), Mainstay Food Rations
  • US Coast Guard approved 3-day Supply of Water (5 year shelf life), Mainstay Water Rations
  • Includes thermal blanket which captures 90 percent of body heat
  • Instant portability for a safety kit that is ideal for the home, office, car or for exploring nature
  • Use as a starter emergency kit or add to your existing supplies

Binding: Tools & Hardware

Publisher: Survivor Industries

Details: Be ready America! LaunchPro Emergency Preparedness Kits. Every family member, student, or co-worker needs to be protected in case of an emergency. The Emergency Essentials Kit from LaunchPro provides the basic "Essentials" of life - food, water, and warmth. For greater safety and protection, use multiple life kits for complete protection of your entire family. The survival kit includes a 3 day supply of food and a 3 day supply of water. Both are made in the USA, US Coast Guard approved and have a 5 year shelf life. We guarantee a three year shelf life from the time of purchase. In addition to food and water, the kit includes a thermal blanket that is capable of capturing 90 percent body heat. Instant portability for a safety kit that is ideal for the home, office, car or for exploring nature. Have peace of mind, wherever you go. Emergency Food Rations 3,600 calorie food bars: Can sustain 1 person for up to 3 days. 9 servings of 400 calories provide for a total of 3600 calories. Withstands temperatures from -40° to 300°F US Coast Guard Approved 5-year shelf life Meets SOLAS 74/83 requirements Halal and Kosher Certified Non-Thirst Provoking High in Vitamins and Minerals No Cholesterol or Tropical Oils No peanuts or peanut oil Pleasant lemon flavor Emergency Water Rations (4.225 oz per packet): 6 Pre-measured 4 oz air tight, sterilized packets Withstands temperatures from -40° to 201°F US Coast Guard Approved. 5-year shelf life. Flexible design. Space saving emergency water solution. No Oxygen Transfer. Will remain usable for up to 5 years. Easy to dispense and ration. No cups needed. Easy to transport.

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.9 x 3.0 inches