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Jetboil Jetpower Fuel for Jetboil Camping Stoves

Jetboil Jetpower Fuel for Jetboil Camping Stoves

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Brand: Jetboil

Color: Black


  • Compatible with the Jetboil Flash, Joule (100g and 230g), MicroMo, MightyMo, Sumo, and Zip camping stoves.
  • Weighs: 7 ounces (100 Grams), 13.4 Ounces (230 Grams), 23.5 Ounces (450 Grams).
  • Measures 3.5 by 2.8 inches (100 Grams), 4.3 by 3.9 inches (230 Grams), and 4.3 by 5.9 inches (450 Grams).
  • Fuel capacity is 100 grams (12 liters of boiled water), 230 grams (24 liters), and 450 grams (48 liters).
  • For any adventure—from alpine expedition to a weekend trek—Jetboil offers a stove that will keep you fueled. When exploring the backcountry, a compact and efficient stove is fundamental, no matter the level of cuisine you want to create.

Binding: Sports

Publisher: Jetboil

Release Date: 01-01-2019

Details: Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, this canister of Jetboil Jetpower Fuel powers Jetboil's lineup of backcountry camping stoves, creating an easy-to-carry, quick-to-set-up cooking system for all seasons. Jetboil's high-performance propane/isobutane 4-season fuel delivers high vapor pressure, improving your system's performance in cold weather. At 450 grams, this Jetpower Fuel canister contains enough fuel to boil approximately 48 liters of water. Jetpower canisters are easily recyclable with the use of a Jetboil CrunchIt (sold separately), which clips onto a carabiner or key ring. Jetpower Fuel is compatible with Jetboil's Flash, Joule, MicroMo, MightyMo, SUMO, and Zip camping stoves. The canister takes up minimal pack space at 4.3 by 5.9 inches and weighs only 23.5 ounces.

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 13.5 x 7.0 inches

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