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Instant Cold Pack Disposable Ice Packs - Cold Therapy - for Injuries, Swelling, Inflammation

Instant Cold Pack Disposable Ice Packs - Cold Therapy - for Injuries, Swelling, Inflammation

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Brand: Clever


  • EASY SOLUTION – Instant cold packs are perfect for any emergency situations, just squeeze a flexible instant cold pack until inner bag pops, it will turn ice cold instantly, apply on area needed, it will relief pain and reduce swelling of body.
  • PERFECT FOR FIRST AID KIT – disposable ice packs are the perfect fit for your first aid kit supplies, have them handy for whenever needed, without the need of getting to a freezer, keep it cool without having ice dripping allover.
  • LONG LASTING – cold packs get ice cold instantly and maintain its coolness for a nice length of time, long enough to do the job, depending on the surrounding temperature.
  • COMPACT – The compact size helps you get use of the cold packs during travel, sports games, camping, for use on any part of the body for sprains bruises or post surgeries, etc.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – 6 (5”x7”) Premium quality disposable ice packs for injuries.

Publisher: Clever

Details: These cold packs are designed to make your outdoor activity life easier and safer. With instant cold packs you can enjoy whatever sports you desire, and at the same time be peaceful knowing that in case of emergency you have in your first aid kit ice packs that will relief instantly any affected areas. Cold packs come in compact size. Fits in your travel backpack. Whenever needed you’ll have them handy and squeeze. It will turn ice cold instantly, will do the job just like it would come right out of the freezer, remaining cold for the whole time you need it to. It’s bendable and squeezable, to give you flexibility applying it wherever needed. Ideal to keep them handy everywhere: home, car, school, office, etc. Size measures 5” X 7”. It will be shipped to you in a package of 6 Ice packs.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.4 x 3.1 inches

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