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Emergency Blanket Poncho - Keeps You and Your Gear Dry

Emergency Blanket Poncho - Keeps You and Your Gear Dry

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  • RETAIN 90% OF BODY HEAT & PROTECT THE HEAD FROM HEAT LOSS-NASA reflective Mylar material prevents hypothermia during extreme emergency situations.
  • NO MORE CLUTCHING EMERGENCY BLANKETS AROUND YOU - Free your hands to do other critical things while keeping warm. Never chase wind-blown blankets again!
  • ALL SEASON/ACTIVITY PROTECTION - Survival gear that keeps you warm and dry. Can be used for Ball Game, Hiking, Concert, Camping, Prepper, Bug Out Bag Supplies
  • ROOMY AND COMFY LIFESAVER THAT FITS IN YOUR BACK POCKET - Wide enough for you and your backpacking supplies. One size fits all! 45x41 Inches
  • STRONG & DURABLE MYLAR STRENGTH - Our 24 Micron Mylar is double the thickness of regular emergency blankets. Maximum tear resistance! Reusable survival emergency blanket family pack

Publisher: ModernSwap

Details: 您周围不再有抓握的急救毯! - 释放您的双手做其他关键事情,同时保持温暖。 - 再也不用追逐风吹毯。 两用斗篷和太空毯子组合! - 使用我们的热太阳能披风准备雨和/或寒冷天气。 - 安全意识和审慎人士必备配件。 多用途用途用途! - 在游戏、游乐园、音乐会或尾板上打破这款披风 - 让这些方便用于汽车紧急情况、急救、打猎、露营、钓鱼、战术装袋和徒步装备。 两面可反穿,在丢失/救援情况下能看到高可视性! - 金属箔彩色聚酯薄膜一侧非常适合回收信号。 军用力量聚酯薄膜 - 高贵高脚富! - 30 微米空间聚酯薄膜提供最大防撕裂能力。 - 相竞的毯子由 12 微米薄和碎花聚酯制成 - Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy 保持身体寿命,保持热量! - 我们的应急毛毯可保持 90% 的体温 - 使用雨篷帽保持关键的头部温度 - 轻便可重复使用! - 耐用折叠和存放急救斗篷可以反复使用,非常适合生存装备和徒步装备。

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.6 x 3.0 inches

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