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daarcin Paracord Survival Bracelet,with Waterproof SOS Light, Fire Starter,Compass, Whistle, Adjustable AK87 20 in 1,Outdoor Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear Set,Gift for Kids,Men (Black Reflective)

daarcin Paracord Survival Bracelet,with Waterproof SOS Light, Fire Starter,Compass, Whistle, Adjustable AK87 20 in 1,Outdoor Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear Set,Gift for Kids,Men (Black Reflective)

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Brand: daarcin

Color: Black Reflective


  • UPGRADE SURVIVAL KIT:The AK87 is the ultimate tactical survival bracelet for the upgrade,it contain your must wilderness survival function and SOS function,help you can survive in the wilderness.Our AK87 bracelet is a must-have for every camping, hiking, hunting, swimming, fishing enthusiast or anyone who likes to go outdoors.
  • 20 IN 1 SURVIVAL TOOL:Our bracelets are upgraded to a mini personal survival kit and kit.Emergency Whistle in the highest decibel peak case,audible within 500 meters,High-quality Compass let you keep a sense of direction,Flint Fire Starter whether you can use it anywhere, at any time you can use it ignite fire to stay warm, drying clothes, cooking food and dispel the animals invasion, save your life.
  • SOS LIGHT+FLASH WARN LIGHT:Our bracelet has SOS lights,it has two modes: constant light and flash warn light.No matter where you are, the light is the most obvious and most dazzling signal, which will make it easier to attract people's attention, which will quickly signal and get timely rescue.If you wear this bracelet to your child, you can easy see him, which is the most effective way to prevent from them lost.
  • STYLISH | COMPACT | PORTABLE:This ultra-strong AK87 bracelet for men and women, sports a stylish design that makes for easy carrying and storing.The Paracord bracelet is made of ultra-strong, military-grade 550 parachute rope with a minimum break point of 550 lbs / 250 kg.Use it as a trap, make a shelter, fish line, suture or make bow rope to drill wood to get a flame, etc.If you like outdoor sports, you must get it to highlight the identity of your outdoor sports.
  • ULTIMATE TACTICAL GEAR ULTRA-VALUE SET:AK87 bracelet is continuously updated based on feedback and practice, and created a product you can trust 100%, really for you to conquer the wilderness.It has a variety of built in small tools , including SIM card pin, blade, saw blade, size wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.,them to solve your big trouble at some moment.Instantly let you and your family and friends have this amazing value-for-money survival kit, relax happy to explore nature.

Publisher: Chundaxin

Details: Functional introduction: 1. Firestarter: Please scratch the protective paint of magnesium bar;putting combustibles under magnesium bar in an dry place,using blade scratch a some magnesium on the combustible;and the blade is quickly scraped to produce the spark. Note that the blade should be perpendicular to the magnesium rod. 2.SOS LED light: Please press the 3 seconds SOS LED light when you need help. It can be turned on,When it is pressed again, it emits a high beam. This light can also be used for flashlight at night. The second time you press it is an explosion flash. When you press it for the third time, it will turn off. The SOS LED will make you more likely to be found at night and get help immediately. Note: The LED used in the disposable battery can supply power for 72 hours, please save your battery usage. Just use it in the dark to keep you safe. 3. Compass: Place horizontally when using the compass, so that you can find the direction you want to go more accurately.(Tips:when you use the compass,first remove the metal objects below,because metal affects the magnetic field of the compass.) 4. Big decibel whistle: can convey the sound within 500 meters, so that when you and your companions have a life-saving bracelet, if you are lost in the dark, you can whistle, so it is easier to find each other, in the dark Hearing the whistle can also make our heart easier to settle down. 5. paracord rope: This rope can be unrolled to a diameter of 4 mm. The total length is 3-3.2 meters, and the 7 internal paracord ropes weigh 250 pounds and can be used in case of emergency. 6. Multi-function tools: bike spoke wrench, bottle opener, can opener, scraper, hex wrench, saw blade, hex wrench. T-knife (with protective cover): word screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, cutter, semi-circular scraper

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches

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