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Nature's Juice Bar

32-Month Shelf Stable Nature’s Emergency Ration Juice Bar (TM)

32-Month Shelf Stable Nature’s Emergency Ration Juice Bar (TM)

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Brand: Nature's Juice Bar


  • A pack of REAL Battle-tested and NATO approved MRE food made from REAL FRUIT. ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL and LONGER LASTING thanks to proprietary WAFER.
  • ADVANTAGE 1 - ALL NATURAL: up to 3x MORE FLAVORFUL than other bars – YouTube’s YUMMIEST MRE bar. (The wafer is tasty, too)
  • ADVANTAGE 2 - Wafer helps keep moisture in, so it’s longer lasting. 32-MONTH naturally SHELF STABLE without refrigeration and additives. Wafer keeps it SOFT working better in sub zero winter hiking too.
  • ADVANTAGE 3 - From NATO designated supplier, "This bar keeps its s**t together when the heat ramps up." WATERPROOF and BATTLEFIELD PROVEN FOOD.
  • Our GUARANTEES 5: (1) GLUTEN FREE, (2) Organic and VEGAN (3) Non-GMO (3) Trans Fat Free (4) EXCELLENT Source of Potassium. (5) 32-month shelf stable without additives or preservatives

Publisher: Fit Land

Details: BATTLEFIELD-TESTED Nutrition Ready when you are, EMERGENCY RATION Juice Bar® delivers NATURAL CLASS-LEADING SHELF STABILITY (32 mths) without refrigeration. Our NEW IMPROVED WAFER ensures freshness FREE FROM preservatives. Juice Bar® combines battle-field proven technology, health benefits from REAL FRUIT from NATO supplier. Bulk Box 2 GREAT FLAVORS Two REAL FLAVORS: Cranberry Coconut, Lime. Superfoods MRE. 80mg caffeine and green tea for energy boost. WARNING: batteries, emergency xprite light, sleeping bag and power generator not included. Just put 1 bar in your vehicle first aid kit. The WAFER ADVANTAGE Nature’s EMERGENCY RATION Juice Bar® – AS WHOLE AS FRUIT JUICE, AS CONVENIENT AS A BAR. Keeps contents fresh by trapping moisture within. Simple REAL FRUIT, no additives, preservatives or syrupy goo. Our natural freshness earned us the status of designated NATO supplier. BOOSTED WITH 80 mg CAFFEINE AND GREEN TEA. The DIFFERENCE MRE Enthusiasts LOVE Better PREPAREDNESS with WORLD-CLASS 32-month shelf stability without refrigeration MESS FREE, CHEWY NOT CHUNKY not like granola bars: easy to swallow, lasts longer with TIME-RELEASED ENERGY Will not bulk up in your gut or require a gallon of water to swallow Not Just The Wafer – Look UNDER THE HOOD FAMILIAR REAL FRUIT – no artificial stuff, no GMO, no trans fat and gluten free. Here’s why it is so good our wives are taking it from us: GOOD Source of Fiber & Protein EXCELLENT Source of Potassium FREE from Animal Sourced Ingredients ZERO CHOLESTEROL ZERO Additives or Preservatives

Package Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.8 x 0.8 inches

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