Richard Brown and Janet Hardee walk down a flooded street caused by Hurricane Florence at Aberdeen Country Club on Sept. 20, 2018 in Longs, South Carolina.Sean Rayford / Getty Images file

How to build a natural disaster survival kit

Climate change is making extreme weather unpredictable. Here's what to stock to be prepared for an emergency like Hurricane Dorian, an earthquake, tornado or any other natural disaster.

Survival kit basics
One gallon of drinking water per day per person, for a minimum of three days
To kill two birds with one stone, consider storing some of this in the freezer. This way, if there’s no power, it will also help keep food cold.

Portable water purifiers
These are especially handy if you ever need to evacuate, since you won’t have to carry as much water with you.

Nonperishable foods
Anything that doesn’t need refrigeration (canned, boxed, dried, etc.) is the obvious choice; you can also include long-lasting produce like winter squash, potatoes, apples, etc.

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